Hi, my name is Leslie and I am a photographer that has been in business for the past…. 22yrs, wow! It’s been a while since I decided to start on this journey. It was a very , very, very different game when I started many years ago. I shot my first wedding for $50.00, yes, you read that correctly, fifty dollars to cover the fee of the film and the film development. But hey when you are first getting started it’s all about who will give you a shot and who will take a leap of faith with you and your skills in making sure you will capture the memories for them for years to come. I’ve covered many events, projects and have been in even more complicated scenarios and situations. Hopefully this blog will serve to help all of those just starting out, curious about pursuing this as a career and anyone else. Follow up to see what new tips and tricks I will be posting from time to time or just reach out with questions that I can help you out with. Have a Merry Christmas and Happiest of New years and lets go into the new year growing and creating beautiful images,


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