How much time do I plan for?

Use thes questions to guide you when planning your shoot. Pricing- Food Photography

  • What's the purpose of the shoot? (New menu, website, socials.) 
  • How many dishes will I be shooting?
  • What type(s) of dishes will I be shooting?
  • Do you want single shots, table scape shots, or a variety of both?
  • Do you want behind the scenes  (in the kitchen, food being prepped) shots?
  • Are any headshots of your staff/chef/owners needed?
  • How about catering/delivery shots?
  • Do you want any specialty shots (raw ingredients, anything “quirky” Or restaurant specific)?
  • Are there any additional  props that I'll need to source? (big catering bowls, cloth napkins, Florals, etc.) 


-Suggested pricing on the website is an estimate. Each project is unique and will be priced according to the needs of each specific project. 

-Payment plans are available upon request , please ask about them in your consultation.

Shoot Locations

- Restaurant shoots should take place on location so the food can look its best.  It is also suggested that the best time to schedule restaurant shoots happen during slow times or when restaurant is closed so that the kitchen is not overwhelmed with orders while trying to do the shoot.

-Product and food products can be done on location or in studio.

-Lifestyle shoots should have pre-determined locations and alternates discussed with photographer during the consultation.

 Prop and Food Styling

-While we always recommend including a food/ prop stylist at your shoot , we work with you to make the best use of your budget. We are more than happy to recommend suggestions for your  shoot and find creative ways to capture beautiful photographs on a budget. Most products can be easily styled without a stylist, and when booking with us you  have our prop collection available to you for your shoot.

-If props are needed for the shoot please make sure to speak to the photographer about what will be needed and the two of you can collaborate on creating the styling you would like. 

- Basic food styling can be provided for your shoot if on the smaller scale. For larger shoots we can recommend a professional that fits in your budget.

For any other questions not answered here please feel free to contact us directly though our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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